Laser Hair Removal at Home

Laser hair removal is a representation of modern technology that incorporates laser technology to destroy hair follicles that cause hair growth. With the help of laser hair removal machines, unwanted public hair can be removed. Its use has become widely mainstream round the globe. Laser technology is widely accepted by dermatology community. Laser hair removal technology can now be practised in homes as well, all thanks to laser hair removal home gadgets. Due to high demand of laser technology, consumer self-treatment is highly practised now.

These days, home made laser kits are available, which can save you a lot of money and hassle to go to dermatologist’s clinic. Home-made laser removal kits pass highly concentrated laser beams onto your skin filled with hair follicles. This laser beam is absorbed by hair follicles. The pigment in hair follicles is destroyed by laser beam, thus destroying hair growth. The process of laser hair removal at home involves guiding the hair removal machine across hairy area, like legs, armpits or arms, allowing the light pulses to be absorbed by a small skin patch.

According to popular opinion, laser treatment is effective if done for three times in a course of six weeks. For some, longer time is required for effective results. It mostly depends on thickness and amount of hair and the quality of hair removal machine that you are using.

Benefits of Using Laser Hair Removal Machine At Home:


Unlike conventional methods of waxing or threading, laser technology is very fast and pain free. It can treat a large patch of hairy skin within a fraction of a second. Facial features are usually sensitive and require more attention and precision. Areas like upper and lower lip can be treated in less than one minute. Usually, whole body takes no more than one hour. Laser hair removal at home is neat, hassle-free and time saving.


Laser beam is controlled and only removes hair in targeted area. For example, one can easily get rid of small hair on forehead, without damaging eye brow shape or head hair.


Laser technology is most effective in weakening hair follicles that sprout hair. Unlike waxing, which you are subject to stick to, throughout your life, one can hope for permanent hair loss with laser technology.

IPL- Intense Pulsed Light

An advanced form of laser hair removal technology has been introduced. Unlike laser beam, which emits only single wavelength, with IPL, multiple wavelengths are emitted, that scatter within the dermal layer of skin within seconds. This beam of multiple wavelengths penetrates within the skin more quickly and burns growing cells within few seconds.

Is Laser Hair Removal at Home a Painful Process?

Unlike common clich├ęd norm related to laser hair removal technique, it is not painful. Mostly, the amount of pain felt is subjected to the quality of hair removal machine being used. However it is less painful than IPL laser method with multiple wavelengths. When laser beams burns hair follicles, it is a feeling of mild flickering on your skin surface, which is far less painful than threading or waxing. Recently, cooling fans have been introduced in hair removal laser machines. These cooling fans largely decrease this flickering feeling, making the whole process totally pain-free.

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