Permanent Hair Removal At Home

Laser hair removal technology incorporates the use of light wavelengths to kill hair follicles that cause the hair to grow. Latest definition of beauty involves hairless bodies, which has greatly impacted market demand for hair removal techniques. Where threading, waxing and other organic and conventional methods of hair removal can be painful and short lasting, advent of various technologies like electrolysis and laser hair removal has become mainstream. After one whole decade of successful practice for laser hair removal, a refined research and literature has been collected on pros and cons of laser hair removal by dermatology community, as well as it’s side effects. The response has been fairly affirmative worldwide, that has led to it being widely accepted as an authentic and safe hair removal method in all countries in the world.

No matter how convenient laser treatment may sound, one cannot simply ignore high cost factor. Another important factor that needs consideration is that laser treatment does not guarantee ‘permanent’ hair removal. On the contrary, one can only hope for tremendous hair reduction, weakening of hair follicles and lesser growth speed. More than seven to eight sessions are required within a period of eight to nine months for effective results, given you have high density and thick coarse hair. Treatment expanding over eight to nine months means a generous drain of money from your monthly income.

In order to cater increased consumer demand for laser treatment, home laser removal machines have been introduced in the market. Lately, an affirmative response has been registered by many dermatologists and consumers, making home laser hair removal machine safe and recommendable. Consumer self-treatment trend is becoming popular with each passing day because it cuts short large money that one spent if he/she consults a dermatologist.

Home laser hair removal kit is installed with concentrated laser beam technology that works in a similar fashion as any laser machine in dermatologist’s clinic works. When the device is turned on, it possess heat wave of a confined wavelength that penetrates into the dermal layer of human skin, burning up melanin present in hair follicles. Melanin is a pigment chromophore, that gives hair its blackness. Generally, back hair on tight skin are easily treated in comparison to blonde hair because laser beam uses color radiation phenomenon to absorb heat. Black color is a natural absorbent of heat whereas white is natural reflector. This phenomenon works for skin tone and hair color as well.

Permanent hair removal via laser technology is not possible. Only one way of getting rid of body hair is through electrolysis, which is risky and painful. Permanent hair loss via laser hair removal technology is only possible if you have naturally light hair. Various parameters affect a successful laser treatment. These parameters include quality of machine being used, concentration percentage of light beam, hair color, skin tone and hair density of targeted skin patch. Even with optimal parameters, only 15 out of 100 individuals are able to observe permanent hair removal via laser heat technology. Laser treatment requires consistency as well, an important factor that affects a successful hair removal course.

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